What is storyboarding and how do I create one for my video?

Every successful movie, or even a thirty second commercial, has a more detailed vision behind it. This vision is often drawn out shot by shot in process known as story-boarding. A storyboard is a visual representation which uses drawings and illustrations to “map” the idea of a video, it almost becomes like a comic book of what you want to film. A storyboard is often referred to as a blueprint and is created well before the camera starts recording. It not only helps to get across one’s vision to others, it also helps to clarify what the film maker wants to convey, identify bad ideas, keep the shots in order while editing and to help keep track of which shots have been taken.To start creating a storyboard, it helps to have a finished script. Begin by drawing simple images for every scene you want to shoot. Don’t worry about your creative drawing skills, as long as you and the one who is helping you to film understands what is drawn, than that is good enough. Accompanying these images should be three things: dialogue, directions of how the shot should be taken and what action should accompany the scene. For example, you may want to introduce the location for filming and type of project such as “promotional video London“, “commercial filming London“, or “video production London“. Storyboards can be drawn on paper, or a white board. If working with a team when first writing the storyboard, you may want to write your ideas on post-it notes placed on a board and have instructions written beneath them with dry erase marker. This enables you to quickly rearrange and edit the flow of your video. If working by yourself, there are templates available for download online which offer several frames per page with space for written instruction underneath each one. A finished storyboard should include enough information below each drawn out frame to convey the idea of the creator to all of those who are going to help in the realization of the idea on film. If done correctly it will help to create a smoothly realized, well thought out finished film.

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